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Dear Visitor!
Welcome to my website.
I breed only burmese cats and started in 2011 with PL* Plus Donatello and UA* Oktarin Grosellina.They are now Supreme Champions and National Winners 2012!
My cats take part in many exhibitions and sofar I have become known as the breeder who has made the blue burmese popular through very successful results.
In my cattery all cats live with my family and are not kept in cages.Therefore they are very social and used to people.
My experience of my burmese cats is that all are different and have their very own personality but in common they are very social,curious and love to play.They are never aggressive.
Before I sell a kitten I make sure that it will come to a good home where it will be taken care of in the best way and also help the buyer with advise.When I have sold a kittenI keep contact with the new owner to help with questions and to ensure that both the owner and the cat are satisfied.
If you have any questions about my cats or want to buy a cat do not hesitate to contact me.
Now you can look through my website for further information but it contains only a selection of the most basic information. If You want to follow the daily bases reactions etc You can look in Facebook


Helena Borkovska
Owner of burmese cattery LV* Forsland